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Prevent future problems today

Apex Scientific conducts comprehensive IT Site Surveys that identify and remove single point of failures ("SPOFs").  Our Site Surveys can certify that your company is equipped with the proper IT infrastructure to succeed in your business goals.  There is no substitute for an Apex IT Site Survey.  Prevent future problems today.

IT Health Checks

The Apex Health Check is a comprehensive audit conducted on all applicable devices such as PCs, Macs, and laptops to ensure that they can run routine business applications efficiently.   A Health Check will certify whether an organization’s systems and components can achieve its business goals.  

Wireless Site Surveys Improve Your Network

Understanding the environment of your business’s IT infrastructure is essential to building a successful foundation for your technology. Apex Scientific deploys the right technicians to your remote locations to conduct thorough site surveys and planning to help your business avoid costly mistakes in the future.

The proliferation of wireless devices has made wireless networks a critical component of every company’s technology environment, but it’s important to conduct a thorough wireless network survey before moving forward with purchasing and deploying equipment.


We provide several types of wireless network planning and Wi-Fi Heatmaps, including predictive surveys, passive surveys, and active surveys. These surveys will promote informed decisions about purchasing and implementing wireless network equipment for your business.

Site Survey
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Set Your Business Up For Success

Companies that are frequently involved in mergers and acquisitions typically acquire sites that their IT team has yet to lay eyes on.


We supply technicians to be the eyes on site when your IT team can’t be. Our technicians conduct complete IT asset inventories of the physical environments of your remote locations.  We provide the best IT Services to set up your businesses for success.




Apex Site Surveys will certify whether an organization's systems and components can achieve its business goals.

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